Who We Are

We are people just like you who love unspoiled nature.  We are a forum of environmentally conscious people who prioritize the sustainable stewardship of our natural resources.  Our goal is to bring together people who care about the environment and to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences to empower each other to make a difference.

Our community comprises people from all over the world and from all walks of life.  What unites us is our passion for protecting the planet and our commitment to living in a way that is in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

Americans in Alliances is an organization dedicated to nature conservancy, protecting the natural landscape.  We acquire undeveloped land in and near urban areas to keep it as a haven for the health of the ecosystem, animals, insects, and plants on which we depend.

How You Can Help

For the price of a cup of premium coffee, you can save endangered habits.  Protecting native ground cover and trees is the best way to protect against the adverse effects of climate change.  Native plants, insects, and animals are vital to maintaining a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.  Can you spare the cost of a cup of coffee?  Please Donate and support our mission.